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Sustainability is part of our understanding as consultants, not only in terms of our own carbon footprint. We are constantly in exchange with socially-oriented founders and companies. We provide legal and tax support in implementing sustainable models to help achieve the long-term goals and ideas of both companies and non-profit organizations. Sustainability does not mean donating to a good cause only once a year. While that is helpful, the year has 365 days. In early 2022, together with an external service provider, we had our law firm’s carbon footprint calculated. Since May 2022, the first anniversary of 3T.LAW, we have been financially supporting ecological projects in Germany and abroad based on the calculated data, in collaboration with the service provider, with the aim of offsetting unavoidable emissions. We owe thanks to our clients who enable us to make this financial commitment.

“ESG,” an abbreviation for Environmental, Social, and Governance, has become an internationally recognized term and framework for assessing the sustainable and ethical practices of companies. We don’t claim to be better people, but we strive to adhere to certain standards in the daily work of 3T.LAW with clients, contracting parties, and within our team, going beyond our ongoing financial support of ecological projects. Our founders and team members have long been actively involved in advising socially-oriented organizations and entrepreneurs, some since the start of their careers. Such mandates may not be the most profitable for a law firm, but we can accommodate and take on such mandates within our structure, within our capacity. Our collective experiences are reflected in the specialized book “Verein, gGmbH, Stiftung & Co,” authored by one of the founders of 3T.LAW and published in 2023. Our collective commitment as a law firm does not make us better people. However, it is also not necessary to conceal it.

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