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3T.LAW International

3T.LAW advise in a connected world, which means that we are constantly working across borders. Many of our clients are businesses and investors from outside Germany. We advise these clients on market entry scenarios or acquisitions in Germany as well as the day-to-day business from a legal and tax perspective.

At the same time we advise – in collaboration with our growing best-friends network from across the globe – German clients on international projects.

In tax law, our core business includes international tax planning, observing arm’s length requirements, minimizing withholding and “exit” tax exposure and cross-border succession and gift tax plannings.

In IT law and commercial law, we constantly advise on issues such as the choice of law, the enforceability of agreements governed by a foreign legal system in Germany and assist with cross-border negotiations and in legal disputes.

We organise or participate in expert conferences with advisors and entrepreneurs from other countries. Many of our advisors have an international law/tax firm background, and/ or have previously worked abroad.

3T.LAW is a member of the International Practice Group, the German member of World Tech Legal and of the International Fiscal Association.

Our cross-border assignments currently center on, amongst others, North America, France and Southern Europe, the Benelux countries, Poland/Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Austria and Asia.

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